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Why Area Residents Cannot Forget About Pests During The Winter

September 30, 2020

The next step in the blog writing process is to create an introductory paragraph (this will be used for the beginning paragraph of your blog as well as the post abstract) that will interest your readers and encourage them to keep reading. 

Winter Pest Control Tips

Now for the body. This is the section where you discuss your topic in detail and relay the information that you are trying to get across. For example, if you were writing a blog about rodents (say your title is Why Rodents Invade And How To Keep Them Out), this is the section where you would provide the answers to those questions and further discuss that topic. It is important to stay on topic and to discuss topics related to your title.

In the case of this example rodent blog, you may touch on how rodents get inside homes, the problems they cause when they invade, rodent prevention tips, and how your company can help to eliminate and keep out rodent pests. The ideal blog length is 400-600 words, so try to stay within those margins. When writing a blog for a pest control company, it is important to write from a company perspective, writing as if you are one of the professionals. This is an example of what a link could look like.

What Pests Should I Worry About During The Winter?

Another thing to consider is geo-targeting. To help target local customers in your specific area, include the name of the town, county, or service area you’re in to catch their attention. To geo-target your blog for residents in Washington, consider changing your title from “Why Rodents Invade And How To Keep Them Out” to “Why Rodents Invade Washington Homes And How To Keep Them Out.” This helps to catch the eye of that specific audience. You can also geo-target throughout your blog by including the name of your town, county, state, or service area throughout the text.

To make reading your blog a little more interesting and improve its flow, use bullet points, numbered lists, headers, and a variety of different sentence/paragraph lengths. It is also a good idea to add links to other relevant pages on your site to encourage readers to explore other areas of your site.

Trust Acadia Services For Effective Pest Control This Winter

In the last paragraph of your blog, sum up the main point of your blog and conclude how your pest control company/pest control services can help the readers solve their problems. Conclude your blog with a call to action such as “contact us to learn more about our services…” to encourage your readers to reach out.